New hole punch tool and custom size punches

My first not so brilliant idea to get the holes in these cards made was to use a hot cutter of some sort. This was an abject failure.

The second method that lasted for a few months to get the ball rolling was to use a modified slot punch for ID cards. I found a used one for $60 bucks at that store on the river. It worked, but it still was a PIA and had to punch 5-6 times for one hole.

I found a manufacture that could make me a hand punch and also could make me custom sized dies! The punch has arrived and now I have 4 punch dies to choose from. 1 of them i’ll probably never need but who knows.

Punch Sizes:

  • 8mm x 11mm for Valcambi Grams
  • 8mm round for RCM Gold Maple Grams
  • 11mm x 16mm for gold grams similar to the Pamp grams
  • 13mm round for ????