Why did I start this

I was looking for a small but unique way to get into the bullion business. I had ordered a Pyromet Silver Card and thought it was awesome and looked into buying them in bulk and reselling them. I held off because because of the order lag and silver premiums. I then was browsing the interwebs and I came across the technology to print onto PVC cards. Then the idea was planted of how to print and make personalized Bullion Assay Cards. Now you are reading this page at Wallet Bullion (dot) com.

Where do I get the Gold / Silver / Platinum

I have relationships with dealers. I purchase whole Valcambi CombiCards. I then break them apart to insert each gram bar into your Wallet Bullion card

Is it real?

I will not sell fake precious metals

Can I order in bulk

Yes. Do you want a bulk deal of 1 design for a business card or promotional card? Contact us via email get@walletbullion.com or use our contact page.

Where are we located

Raleigh, NC

Do we offer returns?

Currently we do not accept returns. If you feel that you received a fake please contact us immediately

Will we be around in 5 years?

Yes. In five years we will have grown to a bigger enterprise than just a one man show.